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               Ladies            Laboring in         Love for our          Lord


2016 June 8 Jo Jo's

Summer 2016: Wonderful Wacky Wednesdays–several of the LLLL’s went on planned day trips with Alice Noles driving the church van. Our first adventure was dining at Jo Jo’s Restaurant in Benton, KY (owned and operated by two of our members–Dane & Joanna Wyatt)–it was delicious–you can tell by our smiles we enjoyed it. Then as we were leaving we were told our bill had been taken care of a man who commented that “you ladies do so much for so many I just wanted to do something for ya’ll”–we were humbled!!!

2015 8-27 working on MAGI boxes

August 2015 kickoff meeting preparing  MAGI boxes  (Making A Godly Impact) with Donna Greenfield, Carolyn Robichaud, Valetta Sirls, Mickey Tyree, Jan Borders, Beverly Wiles, (sitting) @nita Driskill & Carolyn Phillips, Penny McClard, Kay English, LaWanda Hoover, Alice Noles & Linda Langford

Carolyn, Bev & me

Never a dull moment and always fun as shown with Beverly, @nita & Carolyn!



2015 8-27 LLLL's group inside making MAGI boxes

The LLLL’s work on many projects throughout the year including: MAGI (Making A Godly Impact) boxes via HHI in Nashville (pictured ), Hope for Haiti (set up via the late Sis. Roberta) Son Shine Children’s Home and visiting our sick and shut in’s.

loading up at HHI

LLLL’s loading the bus at HHI (Healing Hands International) for a day of volunteering with MAGI boxes in Nashville headquarters: Carolyn Phillips, LaWanda Hoover, Donna Greenfield, Beverly Wiles, Alice Noles (photo by @nita)


LaWanda volunteering at HHI

HHI volunteers

HHI in Nashville spearheads so many good works and have many good volunteers to help those who need it.

Donna G

Donna Greenfield checking MAGI boxes!

Cindy & Ron

Cyndy Herring and Bro. Ron White are full time workers at HHI in Nashville and are such good Christian examples!


Carolyn Phillips (our LLLL treasurer and decorator)

HHI sign out front at Nashville with Anita

@nita–glad to pose then head home after a full day of volunteering.


Beverly Wiles always smiling and willing to do what she can

2015 10-7 @ working at HHI

It takes me “helping” hands and labors of love to send over 25,000 boxes to needy children in foreign countries.

















2015 Sept 2 laboring in love

Back at Briensburg above and below–it takes many volunteers many days/hours to assembly the MAGI boxes–here Carolyn Robichaud, Valetta Sirls, Beverly Wiles and others work on our assembly line! The whole congregation brings specific items each month to make 60 boxes for needy children!

2015 9-2 LLLL's posing and working cropped

Mickey Tyree, Donna Greenfield, Carolyn Phillips, Carolyn Robichaud, @nita Driskill, LaWanda Hoover, Kim Wiggins, Valetta Sirls, Rhonda Beard, Penny McClard and Linda Langford “labor in love for our Lord” via MAGI project.


Valentine workers

Valentine Baskets  delivered left!  Pictured are:  Carolyn Phillips, Beverly Wiles, Valetta Sirls, @nita Driskill, Dorothy Chappell, Alice Noles, Donna Greenfield, Kay English Jan Borders, & Penny McClard (not pictured but helped:  Mary Ann McLemore)

Donna, @nita, Kay with quilt top

Quilt donated for WKYC auction (started by Kay English many years ago when she was talented). . . , completed by several LLLL’s including @nita Driskill pictured, and quilted by Donna Cullen)













































































The LLLL‘s work on many projects throughout the

year including:  MAGI (Making A Godly Impact) boxes via HHI in Nashville (pictured at the top), Hope for Haiti (set up via the late Sis. Roberta) Son Shine Children’s Home and visiting our sick and shut in’s.







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