2016 Leadership Workshop

2016 Leadership Workshop

March 26th, 2016 

Theme:  Growing Through a Great Bible School Program

     The church depends on the teaching of God’s Word for its survival from one generation to the next.  A good educational program is vital to the church’s program of work.

     How can the church utilize its educational work to grow and strengthen its members at the same time?

 Thanks to our speakers:

 Tom Holland:  “The Pulpit and the Bible School”

  Wanda Robinson:  (Ladies class)  “Redeeming the Time”

 Dennis Loyd:  “What Elders Need from the Bible School Program”

Wendell Robinson:  “What the Bible School Program Needs from the Elders”

Don Loftis:  “How to Have a Great Bible School”

 ~ Light Bulb Session

Mark Ray: ~ “How to Grow the Church Through the Bible School”

Wanda Robinson:  (Ladies class)  “Sister, Sister!”

Briensburg congregation/coordinator/minister:  Gary Knuckles

Song Leader:  Gary Clark

2014 speakers

2015 Workshop

     The Lord’s church is facing calls for change.  Change is not bad, but we must remain faithful to God’s Word.  What can church leaders do today to lead the church into the future and still maintain our faithfulness to God and His Word?     2015  Briensburg church of Christ Leadership Workshop  special thanks …

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